Thursday, November 19, 2009

Raffy turns 3 and Mico turns 1!

September 20, 2009
Ayala Hillside Recreation Center

Michelle is another one of my old clients. She booked me for her 1st baby Raffy's first birthday party over 2 years ago. This time, it was her 2nd son Mico's 1st birthday party.  They made it a joint party though to celebrate Raffy's 3rd birthday as well.

We started shooting at Michelle's in-laws' house just like we did 2 years ago.  And the party venue was also the very same one where Raffy's party was held.  Michelle went further to try to recreate the events from Raffy's party. She even had Mico wear the very same shirt that Raffy wore 2 years ago!:)

Here are some of the photos from the day.

Raffy had photos taken on this very same chair (which I love so much!) two years ago, so Michelle wanted similar photos of Mico as well.

I think Raffy had photos like this with his grandpa as well.:)

With Mom and Dad.

With lolo and lola.

One of the very few shots that I got of the whole family. Raffy didn't want to be in the pictures.:D

Because I didn't get a lot of shots of Raffy before the party, I tried following him around when we got to the venue.:D

The cool cake! The other side says "Happy Birthday, Raffy!"

They had a "Curious George"-themed party. And Michelle had all the details planned out.

Curious Mico.;)

I kept following Raffy around until he stayed still enough for a few shots.:D

Oh hey! Another family photo!:D

Raffy had a very similar game on his first birthday.

Watching the program with Daddy.

It got really dark fast, and the venue was quite dark, so Michelle made sure we did the candle-blowing early in the program.

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