Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OK na ang Zoto!!!

Finally, after over 24 hours of being down, the Zoto site is again up and running. I think they did some upgrades so things should be smoother now.:)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Problem with Zoto

I've been having some problems with my Zoto Galleries since last night. I couldn't access them. Zoto has really good services and I like their format a lot. I guess they're just going through some adjustments lately...most probably to improve their services even more.

So, guys, there's nothing wrong with your computers or your network connections...just don't forget to check back some other time, ok?:D

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ivan and Lala

This was my first wedding coverage for June 2006. The wedding was held in Batangas City so I had to spend the night before the event at the Ellen's Photogallery Studio in Lipa. We (Tita Ellen Tuyay and I) didn't get any sleep at all, so by the time the reception was over, we were ready to go into deep slumber.

Even though I was sleep-deprived during the wedding, I survived it in one piece because of the following reasons:

1. As with my other experiences in the province, our crew were very "alaga". Even when we insisted we'd already had our breakfast, we were still offered meals even before we left for the church...TWICE.

2. The bride Lala was so sweet and kikay, I just couldn't take my camera off her. It was pretty hard getting candids shot though, because the moment she felt your lens pointed in her direction, she would readily look into it with her signature smile.

3. The priest was entertaining. He even sang two love songs during the ceremony.

4. The church was old and pretty and there was a nice spot in the back where we had our portrait pictorials after the ceremony.

5. Even though there were about 450++ guests, the entire reception was over in about 45 minutes! (No more pictorials with the guests.)

6. Again, at the reception, we were given the chance to eat. A lot.

HERE are some pictures from that wedding.
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