Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sonny and Juzy

I've spent the past three days organizing and post-processing the photos from the wedding we shot last Saturday (because I have to deliver them to Kix ASAP) and so, I decided to put up an album for that wedding first (before the older albums that I'm also working on.) So, HERE are some of the photos from that early-morning wedding.

Kix and I had two meetings with Sonny and Juzy prior to the wedding. From the start, they had emphasized that they wanted their wedding to be unique yet solemn. The most obvious sign of this was the time of the ceremony, which was 5AM. With regard to the photo coverage, they didn't want posed shots during the ceremony and during the program at the reception. No table-hopping or per-table photos either. I thought it was going to be a challenge for me to deviate from how I'm used to taking photos at weddings. On the contrary, it felt more natural for me.

Of course, we also had the obligatory portrait session. Juzy was an easy subject to shoot. Very expressive. She kept making funny faces and then her face would suddenly turn serious. I had fun trying to capture all of that with my camera.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wedding at Dawn

Last Saturday, I shot a wedding that started at 5AM! Yep, five o'clock in the morning. So, given that photographers have to be where the bride would be doing her preps about four hours before the start of the ceremony, we were there at around 1AM. The ceremony was at the St. Francis Chapel (at the Fernwood compound), and the reception at the Fernwood Gardens. Kix Tavora was the main photographer and it was quite an experience for us (and the crew). Below are some of the photos from the wedding. I will be posting another entry when I finish uploading an entire album for this wedding at my Zoto Gallery. (I still have a few others to upload before I can work on this.:D)

This is Juzy, the bride, still in her pajamas, calling to know if people were already awake.

During the early part of the mass, I noticed Juzy looking up a few times, and it almost seemed like she was talking to someone. During the reception, she told everyone how she felt so grateful that people actually dragged themselves out of bed at such an ungodly hour just to get to their wedding (yes, the church was almost full even before the start of the march) that she just had to look up and thank God for everyone who loves them that much.

During the clean-up. At around 10AM, almost all the guests had left and we were all exhausted. However, we stayed for two-and-a-half hours more.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Onil and Mah-ai

This was my first wedding coverage for E-Photo Gallery (I shot a debut party for them last April). Main photographer was Tita Ellen Tuyay. (I'm really learning a lot from her.)

Date: May 6, 2006
Ceremony: Sto. Nino Parish, Lipa City
Preps and Reception: Malirayat Golf and Country Club

Malirayat was very picturesque. We had Onil and Mah-ai ride a golf cart and pose along the green. Unfortunately, since it was at the peak of summer, the sun was still harsh even at 5PM so we weren't able to take a lot of portraits. I wanted to find good lighting but we weren't allowed to wander around too much. The staff at the golf club were urging us to get out of the area for fear that we would get hit by flying golf balls.

When we got to the clubhouse where the reception was going to be held, I saw the beautiful view of the mountains at the viewing deck which would have made a very nice bbackground. But by then, the reception was about to start and the light outside was dimming.

The function hall for the reception was really pretty. I regret not being able to take pictures from the loft.

My favorite shots from the wedding are HERE.

Eli and Criz

I shot this wedding for Nice Print Photography. I was the main (and only) photographer.

Date: April 29, 2006
Preps: Astoria Plaza
Ceremony and Reception: Casa Espanol (near Mindanao Ave., Q.C.)

What I loved about the wedding:

1. My favorite part was taking pictures of the wedding details at the hotel. The suite the couple chose was spacious and well-lit. I especially loved the colors of the flowers against the dominantly white room.

2. Taking portraits at the hotel was also easy because of the good light. I just wish we had more time to do more shots.

3. The waiters and staff at the reception were very accomodating, even to us (me and the videographer and the lights-man). Even to Pete who came along to assist me in the shoot.

4. The food was delicious! As expected, I didn't have the luxury to really sit through the entire meal but I really loved the food. Pete loved it too.:)

5. I found out the groom (Eli) is a kababayan. (He's also from Leyte.)

My favorite shots from the wedding are HERE.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rex and Marianne

I covered this wedding as a back-up photographer to Kix Tavora almost two months ago.

Date: April 28, 2006
Ceremony: St. Jerome Emiliani in Alabang
Preps and reception: Vivere Suites (also in Alabang).

Things I loved about the wedding:

1. It was my first time at the Vivere and I really loved the hotel. Great ambiance--almost spa-like. I wish we had more time to take pictures at the lobby.

2. I loved photographing the facade of the church.

3. I loved the food (hehehe)--although, as usual, I didn't get to really sit down and enjoy the meal.

4. Marianne was such a sweet bride. She's so photogenic too.

5. Rex sang to her during the program at the reception. I thought that was so sweet.

6. The AVP that Kix' friend Hermie prepared for them was a hit. It even included a video clip of the proposal!

My favorite shots from the wedding are HERE.

My galleries

I've had an account at ZOTO for over a year now. Recently, I found out they have a new feature where a user can create galleries. I've decided to post photos from the weddings and other events I shoot there. Right now, I've only uploaded a few but I will be updating the galleries soon. Here is a link to my Zoto galleries:

I used to post my shots at my Multiply account so my old albums are still there. I do plan to transfer them to my Zoto account once I finish posting the newer pictures.


I am Ging Lorenzo. I am an Electronics and Communications Engineer who is now a freelance photographer. I've always loved taking photos but I never really had the courage or the resources to pursue my passion until last year. I had been working as an ECE for over four years when I made the big leap when I quit my job and started chasing my dreams of becoming a photographer.

I am currently doing back-up work for some of the best wedding photographers in the country and shooting for some photo studios as well. However, I am also interested in going into artistic portraiture in the future.

Welcome to my new photography blog! I will be writing about my experiences as a freelance photographer here. I will also be posting some pictures and will be putting up links to my galleries and to my favorite photography sites as well.

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