Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Caleb: Baptism and 1st birthday party

January 22, 2012
Santuario de San Jose
Greenmeadows Clubhouse

People are probably tired of hearing me say this, but I do get the nicest clients. And Mommy Juli was not an exception. I had no problems at all dealing with her from the very first email she sent me to inquire about my services. I remember Caleb's party to be a very smooth event for me. Aside from working with a very nice family, I also got to work with some of my friends in the industry.:)

Here are just some of my favorite shots from the event.

I always love it when clients go out of their way to personalize little details like the baptismal candles.

Some shots of the baptismal ceremony.




Colorful decorations by Kidstar Kastles. Love the theme!



Huge cake!

More details...

Caleb's cute costume.


Kids during one of the games.

Caleb wasn't really in the mood for pictures. But we had beautiful light so I didn't want to waste it.

Luckily, we were still able to get nice shots.:)

Flooch, as always, was a big hit!

The Atienza Brothers were also there to entertain the crowd.



A photo just before blowing the candle.

Giving away of the lootbags.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Elise: 1st birthday party

January 21, 2012
Alabang Country Club

It was a Mad Hatter's tea party! What I loved about Elise's party was that most of the guests really went out of their way to wear creative hats. It was probably the most fun I've ever had shooting group shots at the end of the party, seeing all the cute and sometimes silly head-wear of the guests. And for those who didn't bring along their own hats, there was also hat-making station where they could create and design their own top-hats! The whole party was coordinate by Elise's aunt. I have to say she did an incredible job!

Oh yeah, Elise's party was also the first time I had the pleasure of working with Zoombox Productions. JB and Justine introduced themselves and they have become my good work friends ever since.;) I always love meeting fellow suppliers and it's always great to be able to work with people with whom you have mutual respect for.:)

Here are just some of the photos from Elise's wonderland party.:)

Mommy Erin first asked me to go  to their beautiful home to take photos of some of the details as well as to take some family pictures.

Elise's beautiful pink dress and gold shoes.

I love this pretty pink sweater!

Erin was wearing this lovely yellow outfit which I thought went perfectly with the colors in the background.

So cute!

A couple of shots of the birthday family.

Birthday Girl Elise and Mommy Erin.


We also took some shots with the doting grandparents. Love the hats!

And then we were off to the party venue.

Beautiful cake and cupcakes!

I loved the venue set-up! Very festive!

More colorful details.

We were able to take some more family photos at the venue with Elise wearing her pink dress.

Candle-blowing time!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zach: 1st Birthday Party

January 14, 2012
Acropolis Clubhouse

In 2008, Mommy Cristina booked me for her second child Chloe's 1st birthday party. During that party, I found out that Cristina and her siblings all went to high school in Pisay. I saw our dear registrar Ma'am Serrano again after many years during Chloe's party. I didn't expect her to remember me, after all I was pretty average as a student in high school (Actually, I think I was a little bit below average. Hehehe.) However, I was surprised that she knew me by my first name! (If remembering first names of all students who ever went to your school is a skill required for a school registrar, I am so NOT qualified for the job!:D)

Almost four years later, Ma'am Serrano remembered me again when it was time to start planning Mommy Cristina's third child's 1st birthday party! This time, she was the one who booked me as a birthday present for Zach.:) I remember not feeling very well during the event, but being surrounded by familiar friendly faces made my job so much easier and actually made me feel so much better.:)

Here are just some of my favorite shots from Zach's party.

Some cute details...

Loved the cake and cuppies!

We took some family photos before the party started.

It's usually more difficult to get older kids (4 years old and beyond) to pose for a photo. But these kids loved to be photographed. By the way, the pretty little girl in the middle is Chloe. I can't believe how much she's grown!

All the kids in the party got to wear one of these cute animal hats.

Zach with Grandma.

That's Ma'am Serrano with Zach.:)

Chubster was the game master and magician for the day.

Zach and Daddy.

Zach's Kuya leading the prayer.

Big Bro and Big Sis.

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