Tuesday, December 18, 2012


When you go to my old website, this is what you'll see.


Yes, I am in the process of building an all-new website and blog right now (with the help of my super talented brother.;) ). I wasn't too happy with my old hosting company anymore, so we decided to move. And since they were giving us a hard time about taking my domain name, we decided to just cut loose and start fresh. If things go well, we are hoping to launch the new site by middle of next month (fingers crossed!). It will be a great way to start the New Year, so I'm super excited!

Meanwhile, my new email ging@ ging-lorenzo.com is now working. (Please don't forget the HYPHEN!) Please direct all inquiries through there.

And yes, I do realize I've been neglecting this blog again. This month has just been crazy. (We haven't even started out Christmas shopping yet!)  I will do my best to post more in the next few weeks (that is, if the world doesn't end this Friday!:D).

Ok, that's it for now!:)
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