Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lexi: 1st birthday party

November 21, 2010
CVJ Clubhouse

Party decorator: Kidstar Kastles (c/o Imma Ongteco)
Host/magician: Alex Lagula
Caterer: CVJ

Lexi's party was my last event for 2010.  I was a few weeks pregnant then and a couple of days after the party, I was advised by my doctor to go on complete bed rest so I had to cancel the rest of my shoots for the remaining weeks of that year.  It feels weird writing about it today because 2012 is only 2 days away and here I am posting my last event for 2010.  Hehehe. It also makes me think about all the things that has happened in the past year...Hmmm...I really should start on my New Year's resolution list.  And updating this blog more often should definitely be on that list!

Anyway, there really isn't a lot more to say about Lexi's birthday celebration.  The pictures would speak for themselves but I do want to highlight a few things that made me love working on this party:

1. I love Lexi's name!
2. Mommy Teri is so pretty, she reminds me of a certain movie star. :)
3. Mommy Teri was so nice to me.  If every one was that nice to pregnant women, I wouldn't mind being pregnant all the time! Hehehe.
4. Kidstar Kastles!
5. Alex Lagula. Nuff said. :)

Here are the photos...

Colors, colors, colors!!!

Just looking at the cake and cupcakes was enough to give me a sugar high!

Kidstar Kastles never fails to deliver their signature colorful decorations.

As guests entered the venue, I heard some of them actually gasp in awe upon seeing all the balloons!

More pretty details!

There wasn't an outdoor spot around the venue where we could take portraits, so we used window light...

...and we went out into the 2nd floor terrace to get some late afternoon sunlight.

How cute is Lexi?

We also used the natural light spillling into the staircase.

She's such a sweet little baby!

What I love about Alex Lagula is that he can get everyone--kids and adults alike--to participate and enjoy in the program.

The guests enjoying the show.

Even Lexi enjoyed the magic show!

Tito Alex performing magic and comedy.


I took photos of the dress after the party.:)

My sister Pie and good friend Ces Kasilag were my back-up shooters for Lexi's party. I feel so lucky to be able to work with such talented photographers.:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cesca: 1st birthday party

I know it's been over two weeks since I posted an entry. Things have been quite crazy around here with the Holidays just around the corner (we haven't even started on our Christmas shopping yet!).  Plus, we're also busy preparing for our own event--Paco's baptism which will be this Sunday!  AND baby's still keeping me up until 3AM every day.  So, please forgive me if I haven't been a good blogger lately. I promise I will try to do better in the next few weeks.

Anyway, here is another of my most recent events.  As I said before, I will try to post my latest work along with the ones from last year.

October 30, 2011
Monte di Portofino

Caterer: Center Table Catering
Balloon decor: Partytime Philippines
Photo gallery: Eventus Advertising Services
Host: Jiggles the Balloon Lady
Cake: Les Sucreries (by Veronica Ngo)

All other details: by Mommy Ainna! :)

When I meet clients like Mommy Ainna, I can't help but admire them for being so creative and for putting a lot of effort to come up with a great party with a unique party theme.  I loved taking pictures of all the cute details that she prepared! And I also love that they made time for the short portrait session at the start of the party so we were able to take great shots of Cesca just before it got too dark (it started raining hard as soon as we finished with the outdoor portraits).

Oh yeah, it was also nice seeing old schoolmates from high school at the party.  Mommy Ainna and Daddy Jheromme met in med school where a couple of my high school friends also went. Small world!:)

Below are some of my favorite shots from the event.

The invitation designed by Mommy Ainna.

Cesca's beautiful dresses...

...and cute shoes!

The lovely birthday girl getting dressed up.

Backdrop tarp designed by Ainna.

Lovely cake from Les Sucreries.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cute details that Ainna prepared!

The candy buffet--again, Ainna's work!

These little signs were a prefect touch!

Table setting by Centertable Catering but Ainna put some personal touch on it as well.:)

We went out for a few minutes just as the program was starting to take family portraits.

I love these shots of Cesca!

Cesca telling us how old she is.::)

Mommy and Daddy with clown noses.:D

A couple more shots of the beautiful family.

It was overcast during most of our outdoor pictorial but just as we were walking back to the party, the sun peeked out and I took this quick shot.:)

I usually like to take a few shots of the entire place with all the guests just to capture a feel of the party.

Cesca loved her chicken lollipop!

Jiggles the Balloon Lady was there as host.  Of course, the highlight of the program was her balloon show where she makes her awesome balloon creations for the guests!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leon Jacob: 1st birthday party

NOTE: I will be alternating  between events from last year that haven't been featured on here yet and my most recent events in order to keep this blog updated with my latest work while making sure I post all my events from last year as well.

October 29, 2011
Comida China de Manila

Venue set-up: Party Boosters (c/o Jacque Tan)
Host/magician: Flooch
Additional entertainment: The Golden Show
Cake: Sugar Box (c/o Emily Uy)

Most of my clients are first-time parents, but it's always nice when old clients hire me again to photograph new members of their families. I first met Mommy Geri, Daddy Raymond, and their families when I photographed their first-born Gavin's 1st birthday party over two years ago.  Early this year, Geri emailed me again to ask if I was available to be the official photographer for their 2nd son's birthday party. Of course, I was honored to be working again with such wonderful people.:)

Below are some of my favorite shots from the party...

When I got to the venue, it was overflowing with robot-themed details!  Geri told me she bought everything online from Oriental Trading.

Of course, Jacque Tan's Party Boosters team was there to make the place even more colorful!

More cute details!

The robot cake was by Emily Uy of Sugar Box.

We took a few photos at the nearby Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe before the party started.  I should remember to try out the place sometime.

Here's our superstar of the day!

I wanted to get a few shots of the boys, but they wouldn't sit still for me. Hehehe.  I do love this shot though.:)

Geri and the cute birthday boy whom everyone lovingly calls Binog.

They had a whole buffet table of cakes and sweets from Mom and Tina's. The whole spread looked yummy!

Some of the kids during one of the games with Kuya Gavin in the middle.

The adults enjoyed the games as well.

Even the prices were robot-themed!

Binog enjoying his lunch with everyone else.

Flooch during the magic show.

I love this shot of Binog!

The Golden Show was also there to entertain everyone.


One last shot of the birthday family before heading home.
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