Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Island Cove Wedding: Jay + Far

May 28, 2010
Holy Cross Parish Church, Noveleta, Cavite
Island Cove, Kawit, Cavite

While the rest of the villa was buzzing with activities, we found Far already on the make-up chair sitting quietly, smiling for the video camera every few minutes, but generally deep in thought.  She smiled and said she was a bit nervous.  She wondered out loud if Jay was doing any better.  When we went to the groom's villa, Jay narrated to the videographer and to the rest of us how he was feeling.  Rather, he tried to. He said he has never felt that way before.  He said he was nervous, like he was about to take an exam...or something.  But when he finally saw Far walking down the aisle towards him, and when he finally took her hand at the altar, it seemd like the most natural thing in the world.  No more nerves for either of them.  As long as they had each other's hand to hold on to.

The day dídn't exactly run smoothly.  My team started the day getting stuck in traffic on the way to the hotel-resort. And then it started to pour just before we left for the church. And then we got lost on our way to the church. Twice. But when we got to the church, the bridal party wasn't even there yet, so the ceremony was a few minutes late. And then we got stuck in another traffic jam on the way back to the hotel-resort for the reception (This time, we made sure we were right behind the bridal car so we wouldn't lose our way.). And then the traffic and the crazy weather got to our bride Far and she got a terrible headache just before the reception. But you know what? As far as Jay and Far were concerned, the day was perfect. They were so calm and cool, and nothing could ruin their big day for them.  And you know what happens when your bride and groom are stress-free and happy? You get great photos! :)

The bling on top of their invitation card which was designed like a post-card. Pretty cool!

The other bling.

The cut of Far's dress was simple, but she looked like a goddess wearing it. :)

I think I took more than two-hundred photos of Far's lovely purple shoes!

Our lovely bride.

These photos were taken before it started to rain.  It was already overcast outside, so we got nice diffused lighting for the portraits.

My favorite photo of Far!

Then we went over to Jay's room.

Our handsome groom.;)

Some shots at the ceremony.

Love Far's smile here.

Listening to the homily.

It was almost dark when we got back to Island Cove, and the weather was still gloomy so we couldn't get sunny photos of the couple.  I did find a nice spot at the hotel with nice diffused lighting.  And Jay and Far worked it pretty well for the camera, don't you think?;)

Far got sick from the traffic and the weather, but she still looks perfect in these photos, doesn't she?

Jay doesn't look so bad either.

I asked the coordinators for another 10 minutes for a few more shots at another spot and they worked it into the schedule.  I loved working with Love Daligdig and her team from Special Events by the Planner.  They made our job so much easier.

I love these two.

Couldn't get enough of the shoes!

Yep, the sky was pretty gloomy that day.

The theme of the wedding was "Travel and Leisure" and their designer cake fit perfectly.

The fun grand entrance of the couple.

The couple with their friends having great fun during the bouquet and garter games.

A sweet kiss to end the night.
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