Saturday, May 30, 2009

David William: Baptism

March 28, 2009
Christ the King Parish
Acropolis Clubhouse

Pete and I are officially on "vacation" until Monday, but I promised myself I'd blog as often as I can so I'm taking advantage of the free internet connection here at the hotel to publish this entry.:D

Anyway, two months ago, I photographed David's baptism. I have nothing but good things to say about Mommy Neva. She and I were only able to correspond through email and text before the event, but she was so easy to work with. And she's just so sweet, leaving nice little comments here on my blog that always brighten up my days. So, this entry is for her.;)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

Neva asked me to go straight to the church, so we took a few shots of David getting dressed up right there.

I'd have to say David is such a handsome little man.:)

I love these next two shots.

Simple but colorful decorations at the Acropolis Clubhouse.

Cute cupcakes!

I couldn't get enough of David.

Oh yeah, we didn't have time to take shots of the details before the ceremony, but I was able to photograph them at the reception venue.

Check out David's cool shoes! He and Daddy Dan had identical pairs.:)

He looks so peaceful here, doesn't he?

Doesn't this photo of David just want to make you go, "Awww..."?

We were finally able to take some family portraits when most of the guests have left.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lyncee: 2nd birthday party

April 26, 2009
Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse

I first met the Laus last December when we did their family portraits in Antipolo. I was thrilled when Cindy contacted me again to ask me to photograph Lyncee's 2nd birthday party. Cindy is all about details, that I could tell from the choice of venue down to their coordinated wardrobes during our portrait session. I just knew there were going to be lots of yummy details to shoot during Lyncee's party. And I was so right!

I was actually a bit nervous when Cindy gave me a list of all the details that she wanted me to take photos of. I was worried that I might miss something. It was a good thing my sister Pie was second-shooting for me. Together, we were able to document everything that Cindy worked hard to put together.

Here are some of the photos:

I don't know why but this shot of Lyncee's pink shoes just makes me so happy.:)

The lovely dress.

Yummy personalized white chocolates! Just one of the many cute giveaways for the guests.

Here's Lyncee holding on to some personalized mugs that were also given away to the guests as souvenirs.

This photo reminds me of those wedding photos where the brides are in bathrobes and the photographers ask them to "read" the invite.:D

Shots with mom and dad.

I didn't get a lot of solo photos of Lyncee during our pictorial last December (she was a bit camera-shy), so I made sure I took lots of photos of her this time around.

I love her grin here. :D

It turns out Cindy and Imma of Kidstar Kastles are good friends so they were able to coordinate on the decorations well. Of course, friend or not, Imma always does a great job!

Giveaways for the kids!

This one was a big hit! This is actual part of Laurence's (Lyncee's dad) business called Digigifts. These are personalized named shirts done onsite. The kids and moms were able to choose their own designs for the kiddie shirts. Digigifts also does other personalized items including the personalized mugs in the photo above.:)

I was able to take a few outdoor family shots during the program when the light was just perfect.

Tito Alex Lagula, who is one of my favorites, doing one of his illusions.


The birthday family with Tito Alex.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rachel: 7th birthday party

November 2, 2008

This was my first kiddie event for November 2008. And what a way to start the month! It was an honor being part of Rachel's GRAND 7th birthday party. I've photographed weddings at the Oasis Pavillion, but this time it was a big High School Musical party!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the party:

A couple of shots before heading for the party.

The lovely cake!

The entire High School Musical gang was there to celebrate with Rachel.:D

Everyone was treated to a variety of entertainment, including this juggling duo.

Beautiful party decor by Kidstar Kastles.

Rachel doing a cute number with her friends.

A shot of the young cheerleaders after the party.

Finally, a couple of shots of the entire birthday family before heading home.

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