Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iñigo: 7th birthday party

April 5, 2009
Funranch, Westgate Alabang

Bam was one of the easiest no-fuss clients I have ever had. She emailed me, paid the reservation fee without a lot of questions, and I didn't hear from her again until about a week before the party. We weren't able to meet up before the party so I was a bit anxious about meeting her for the first time. As soon as I saw her, however, I knew I had nothing to worry about. What's so nice about Bam is that she knew my style just by reading this blog, and she trusted me completely.

She had one request though: for me to get good family photos. And although she was a bit stressed out with last-minute preparations, she dropped everything just to make time for the pictorial. My kind of client!:) I told her beforehand that we needed to do the mini pictorial before the party started and before even most of the guests arrived because in my experience with seven-year-olds, you can never tear them away from their friends and from the party once it starts. And I was right. I wasn't even on my 2nd click when Iñigo started asking if he could go back to his friends already.:D Luckily, Bam and hubby Joel were able to get him to stay just for a few more frames. Here are the family photos that we got. I love them all.:D

These next two are very similar but I couldn't decide which version I like better so I'm posting them both.:)

Iñigo looks very grown-up and handsome in this photo.

Some details from the party.

All the kids were soooo full of energy! At certain points during the party, I was actually afraid I was going to get caught under a stampede. Hehehe.

Iñigo's heartbreaker look. Give it a few years before this guy becomes a certified heartthrob.

Mommy Bam and Daddy Joel both went to UP. No wonder Iñigo seems like a very smart kid.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jared: 1st birthday party

April 4, 2009
National Federation of Women's Center

I first met Jared when he was still in Leslie's tummy. We met again almost a year later when we did a mini-portrait session a couple of weeks before his birthday party. Mommy Leslie has now lost all pregnancy weight and more, Jared has grown a few times the size of the baby bump that he was a year ago, while Daddy Sherwin looks pretty much the same. And they all looked pretty awesome!:) I'm always happy to see old clients again, especially when they're as nice as these guys.

I learned that Jared had to spend about a week in the hospital just before his party due to a stomach virus. Fortunately, the poor little guy was all well just in time to celebrate his special day.

Here are a few shots from the party.

The cute cupcake tower.

Can anybody tell what the theme of the party was? Take a wild guess.:D Leslie designed the stage backdrop herself. It was made for her by Polkadots Events.

The super talented and fabulous Jhoanne Alon of Polkadots Events did the venue set-up. But she told me Leslie took care of the little details like these cool nametags.

Here's Jared getting into his costume.

They even had themed food labels.

A few relaxed family shots before the party.

Cool face paintings.

Cute photo of Jared.

Enjoying being on stage.

Tito Alex doing his magic show.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

All the kids on stage for a big group shot!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rico and Shelley: Engagement photo session

In an effort to blog every one of my shoots from last year, I am mixing up more recent works with the older one. This engagement session with Rico and Shelley was taken early November 2008. These guys got married in December and I also had the honor of documenting their big day for them. (I will post photos from the wedding soon, promise!)

It was a dark and gloomy day when we did Rico and Shelley's engagement session but these guys are so full of high spirits that we still had so much fun during the shoot.

It was raining really hard when we started the session, so we had no choice but to shoot indoors first.

I sometimes like to let my clients do whatever they want in front of the camera, just to see what they would come up with. Rico and Shelley did this dance routine.:)

We headed out when the rain stopped, but we held on to our umbrellas just in case.

I love these next two.

The ring.

This was one of my favorite shots.

I love Shelley's expression on the left photo.

They met in UP and fell in love a few years later when they met again at work.

Last outfit change. Just trying out a different post-processing technique.

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