Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New home...

I know it's been two weeks since I updated this blog. I've desperately been wanting to write about a lot of stuff but we're just getting settled into our new home and things are still a bit chaotic around here. After a little over a week, we still have a few boxes to unpack, we haven't put up the blinds yet (our windows are still covered with manila paper. Hehehe.), and we don't have "real" internet connection yet. We're slowly making this our home though and things are slowly finding their way out of the boxes. The other night, I finally cooked our first dinner (We went out every night during our first week), and we went for a short walk around our new neighborhood. It feels great to finally be home!:) And although I am still using the dining table as my work space, I can't wait to move into my new home office soon.

Having said all that, I apologize in advance for late emails as I only get to go online once a day and sometimes even just every other day. As for blogging, I promise to blog as much as I can as soon as we get a good connection. So expect multiple entries per day when that happens.:)

Catch you guys later!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joefe: Maternity portrait session

This entry wasn't supposed to go up in at least a least not before I've posted some of my other events, but I just got a text from Joefe saying that she is already in the hospital right this minute and is due to give birth to baby Tiffeny in a few hours. She asks for prayers, and I am sending her positive vibes through this blog.

We did this pictorial a couple of weeks ago, just before the non-stop rains started coming. We were very fortunate to get great weather on the day of the shoot. Joefe and I were able to discuss for a bit the session during her baby shower (pictures to be posted soon!) and through email, so we were on the same page when it came to how the session would go in terms of location, outfits, looks, etc. That's why I had an incredibly easy time shooting her. As I mentioned before, Joefe looked so good that my biggest challenge was to make her look like an actual pregnant lady, instead of a professional model!:)

Ok, enough blabbering. I made the mistake of telling Joefe that I was about to post her photos here, so she's probably checking my blog at the hospital right now instead of focusing on giving birth. Heheheh...Anyway, Joefe, this one's for you. Hope you have a safe delivery. Can't wait to meet Baby Tiffeny!:)

The first few shots are what I call "warm up shots". I usually take a few shots just to make the client feel comfortable in front of the camera. Most of the times, these photos don't make the final cut, but Joefe looked great from the first click of my camera that some of the photos actually made it to my list of favorites.

This photo looks like something straight out of a magazine, doesn't it?

I remember asking Joefe at this point if she had ever done any professional modelling. I realize it's actually a line often used by other photographers to flatter their subjects. But I really meant it when I asked Joefe. I mean, just look at her!

I told Joefe I had a lot of favorites from the session. This was one of them.

And this one.

This one too.

I love capturing real laughter.:)

Second outfit.

I love the photo on the right. Look at those lovely eyes!

Finally, it was cool enough to stay in the sun. When Joefe showed me the outfits she brought, I knew this white dress would be perfect for this last location!

I LOVE Joefe's expression here. I think I may be funny after all.:D

I have no words for the next few shots. I just love all of them.

I told Joefe I wanted to take a "non-preggy" portrait just to show how pretty she is.;)

Last shot! And again, one of my favorites!:D

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gavin: 1st birthday party

May 1, 2009
Bougainville Resort, Antipolo

Hey guys! I'm back! I still don't have any decent internet connection, but I try to do whatever I can during the few minutes that the connection is up. Anyway, I was supposed to post this one about a week ago. So, here goes...

My first event for the month of May was Gavin's 1st birthday party in Antipolo. It was an intimate event with the family's closest friends and relatives. Gavin was such a dear to photograph. He loved the camera! I guess he's just used to big cameras pointed right in his face as his dad has his own DSLR.

Here are some of the photos from the party.

The venue is a resort in Antipolo, so the family rented a couple of rooms and we were able to take some photos before heading for the party.

Colorful venue set-up by Party Boosters led by Jacque who is also an old client of mine.:)

Check out the cool cake!

I thought this was cute.

Gavin watching the show with Mommy Geri.

I pulled the family aside during the program to take a few shots around the resort.

The guests were invited to take a dip in the pool after the program. They had this inflatable pool set up especially for Gavin.

Tito Alex Lagula leading the program.

Hehehe. Cute!

A couple of shots at the pool after the party.

Friday, June 05, 2009

No internet.

You may have noticed that I have been updating this blog as often as I can because I'm hoping to finish up all my backlog by end of this month. I was doing pretty well last week. But then, this week my internet connection at home went dead. So, no entries this week.

What's worse is I can't even do my emails! Right now, I am here at Pete's office where I have internet access until he finishes whatever it is he is doing.(It's been so long since I've set foot in an actual office building/manufacturing facility, that it just feels so alien to me being here.) I am trying to finish as many emails as I could. But if you're expecting one from me and you don't get one today, I may have just run out of time. Will try to log on again over the weekend. Or early next week. Please expect an email from me soon that would begin with "So sorry for the late reply." :D

Ok, gotta go!
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