Friday, February 11, 2011

Nissi: Baptism and 1st birthday party

August 7, 2010
Three Kings Parish Church
President's Hotel, Lingayen, Pangasinan

Last August, I found myself on a roadtrip up North with two of my favorite people--Pete and Pie.;)  We were on our way to Lingayen, Pangasinan to photograph Nissi's baptism and 1st birthday party.  It's always such an honor when clients hire me for "out-of-town" events because I know they choose me even though hiring a local supplier would cost them less.  Besides, I just love going on trips.:)

Mommy Aileen, Daddy Jireh, and baby Nissi are based in Ireland.  (And yes, I just had to ask them if Ireland is as beautiful as it looks in movies.)  They came home for a short vacation and wanted to celebrate Nissi's first birthday party with family and friends in their home province of Pangasinan.  And they were such gracious hosts to us as well.:)

Armed only with Google maps and some printed directions we got from blogs, Pete, Pie and I set out on our adventure.  Travel time from my parents' house in Q.C. all the way up to Lingayen was less than 4 hours.  We left Q.C. around 7AM and before noon, we were already checked into the hotel that Mommy Aileen booked for us and we still had time to eat lunch and rest for a bit before heading out for the event. 

First up was Nissi's baptism at a nearby church.

Here are a few shots from the ceremony.

Nissi was still adjusting to the humid climate so she wasn't in the mood the entire ceremony.

We tried taking some family photos before the party began.  It was raining and humid--not exactly a good combination. But we did manage to get a few good shots.

Lovely family!

The cake and the colorful cupcakes.

Decorations and party coordination were done by a local party shop (Sorry, I didn't catch the name.)

More beautiful details.

I loved Nissi's outfits!

Some shots at the party.


Another family photo with Nissi favorite monkey.:) I love Aileen shoes, by the way!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nathan: 1st birthday party

August 1, 2010
PMA Auditorium

I love it when I get to work with clients that I've worked with before.  I first met Mommy Nice when I photographed Toffee's baptism over three years ago.  I worked with the family the second time during Sophie's (Nice's niece) 1st birthday party.  And then I photographed Toffee's 1st birthday party a couple of months later.

Well, around two years since I last worked with the family, I was so excited to be working with them again.  This time, it was for Toffee's baby brother's 1st birthday party.  It was great seeing every one again.  Toffee and Sophie has both grown up so much since I last saw them.  And what more, they each now have little siblings!

Below are some of the photos from Nathan's party.   
Some cute details...

The cake.

Party decorations were by Hi-5 Parties led by Kathleen dela Merced.

Some family photos before the start of the party.

Mommy Nice with Nathan.

And here's little Sophie now!

Big brother Toffee with Daddy Alvin.

I can't believe how much he's grown!

Wizzo was there to entertain everyone.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Matty: 1st birthday party

July 31, 2010
Acropolis Clubhouse

When Mommy Carol first contacted me months before Matty's party, she told me she really wanted me to be their photographer because she wanted to have nice photos of her baby.  She said she and her husband Dennis didn't really know how to take good photos, so she was hoping Matty would have beautiful shots during her birthday party.  Well, I was glad I got to work with them because not only was Matty such a darling to shoot but the family was also great to work with.

Incidentally, Carol and Dennis are good friends with another couple who are also great clients of mine-- Neva and Dan. Neva wrote about her suppliers during her baby David's 1st birthday party on her blog.  I guess she was pretty convincing because Carol booked most of the same suppliers for Matty's birthday! I do love working with fellow suppliers with whom I've worked with before because most of them end up becoming my friends, and that makes my job a whole lot easier.

Below are some of the photos from Matty's party.

They had different designs for the invitations. I loved every one of them!

Centerpieces and stage decorations were provided by the caterer.

Ceiling balloons were by Polkadots Events (led by Jhoanne Alon).

The pretty cake!

Jiggles the Balloon Lady was there as host.

Matty and Mommy enjoying the program.

Just one of Jiggles' amazing balloon figures!

Matty with Daddy.

Finally, a few shots of the birthday family...

And solo shots of the beautiful Matty...

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