Monday, October 08, 2007

Luis Antonio

September 16, 2007
Greenwich Clubhouse, Corinthian Gardens

It was my third time to photograph Luis in the span of three months. This time, I was at his Madagascar-themed birthday party.

We got to the venue early so, as usual, Nalyn (Luis's mom) was still very busy with the set-up. Before long, guests started arriving. Luis, however was still nowhere in sight because, according to Nalyn, they wanted him to be well-rested once the party started. (This is a very good tip for those whose kids will also be having parties.)

Finally, when Luis arrived, people started gathering around him. They couldn't get enough of his cute costume! I couldn't stop taking pictures of him! Luis seems to be quiet and shy but the smile on his face showed that he loved the attention and he was having a great time at his party.:)

Here are some photos:

And HERE are some more!

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