Monday, May 28, 2012

5 years!

When Pete and I got married 5 years ago, I knew our 5th year anniversary was going to be a big one. We were going to spend it on a tour of Europe. There was going to be wine. And fireworks! And I was going to get a new and bigger diamond ring! Ok, I didn't really think all that (except maybe for the diamond ring. Hehehe.). But I always thought we were going to have a grand celebration. Well, the day finally arrived last Saturday, and we celebrated it exactly the way we wanted to; by spending a quiet weekend at some of our favorite restaurants, not caring about our cholesterol levels or calorie intake just for two days. And watching a movie again after...uh, I don't even remember how long it's been!

Pete and I were together for 8 and a half years before we got married, and we had Paco over 4 years after the wedding. So for more than 12 and a half years, it was just the two of us. That's 12.5 years of watching movies whenever we felt like it, eating anywhere and anything that we wanted (because we were younger and we didn't have to watch our diet yet;)). 12.5 years of not worrying about anyone else but ourselves. 12.5 years of peace and quiet, before the beautiful chaos that is our life with Paco came.

The past year has been the most challenging, craziest year in our life as a couple so far. And we wouldn't want it any other way...(Ok, a housemaid would be nice though. Anyone with referrals, please email or text me.;)) Having Paco has given us one of the best reasons to celebrate this year. And we're looking forward to celebrating more years together. And yes, maybe we will go on that European tour someday! And the diamond ring...maybe next year?:D

Here are just some photos from our anniversary weekend. These were taken with my Nokia E6 because I still don't own a compact camera.;P

To recap: We slept late Saturday morning (which is a luxury we like to enjoy whenever I don't have an event to shoot) and had late lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Tagaytay. And we also had ice cream afterwards.;) Saturday night, we had dinner at ATC. Sunday morning, we woke up early and headed for my parents' house in Q.C. where we dropped Paco off so Pete and I could watch The Avengers at Trinoma.:) It's been sooooo long since we watched a movie together. There were only about a dozen or so other people inside the movie theater because apparently, every one else on the planet has watched the movie. Hehehe. Then Pete and I had late lunch before picking Paco up again. Oh, and it's also been our mission to try out the best sellers of every one these tea shops. We were able to try out two last weekend.;)


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