Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kyle: First birthday party

My new website and blog are currently in the works and so, keeping this blog updated has been quite difficult lately. At first, I was torn between wanting to wait for my new blog to be launched before posting the rest of my events, and wanting to to keep the stuff I have online current. And then there was a point when I actually considered to stop blogging altogether because I read a couple of articles saying that people just don't read blogs these days anymore. That didn't last long though, because people I meet always tell me that they still read my posts here. So, I've finally decided that I will start posting all my recent events and shoots (starting with my shoots at the beginning of the year) on my new blog, but I will try to continue posting my events and portrait sessions from last year on this blog because I know a lot of people still come here to get ideas. To be honest, I will probably never totally catch up on my blogging. And yes, I sometimes get super stressed out whenever I think about all the events and shoots that I haven't posted yet. But, I guess I just have to try to post as much as I can and hope that someday soon, I'll be able to

And now, on to Kyle's party...

March 25, 2012
Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse

Kyle and his family are based abroad, but his Aunt Jacq was the one who made most of the arrangements for his party.  And I have to say, she made excellent choices with the suppliers.;) It was, as always, a great pleasure for me to work with some of my favorite people in the industry like Jacque Tan of Party Boosters, and Flooch.  And it's really nice whenever I work with families who have already made other countries their homes, but decide to come back to the Philippines just to celebrate their babies'/kids' parties with their loved ones. I guess kiddie parties really are more fun in the Philippines!:)

Here are some shots from Kyle's party

 photo kyle1_zpse28d453c.jpg

 photo kyle8_zps364112f2.jpg

The birthday boy.
 photo kyle14_zps93329be5.jpg

The cake...
 photo kyle5_zpsb8f9442b.jpg

 photo kyle6_zpse63879cc.jpg

To be honest, this venue isn't my favorite because of it's dark ceiling and dim lights. However, having Jacque and the Party Boosters team do the decor made it a whole lot easier for me to take nice photos.:)
 photo kyle7_zpsbf2cce5d.jpg

 photo kyle9_zps9a3a1189.jpg

A few shots of the family...
 photo kyle2_zps7aafd67b.jpg

 photo kyle3_zps9c2cb4e4.jpg

 photo kyle4_zpsdb6a1f0d.jpg

Enjoying the program.
 photo kyle18_zps6af8c01a.jpg

 photo kyle12_zps9312197b.jpg

 photo kyle11_zps803aa598.jpg

 photo kyle15_zps08fcfa07.jpg

 photo kyle16_zps5a9c4b63.jpg

Flooch, as always, was a big hit!
 photo kyle17_zps09813b51.jpg

 photo kyle10_zpsebcc8e81.jpg

 photo kyle13_zps305b2136.jpg

 photo kyle19_zpsbf10602a.jpg

Venue set-up: Party Boosters
Host/Magician: Flooch

P.S. I know the logo on the photos still has my old website URL. These photos have been prepped for posting for months now, before I decided to get a new URL. My new website will be at (please note the hyphen:) ).


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