Friday, October 20, 2006


I shot Meng's maternity portraits at the playground of Market! Market! in Fort Bonifacio last weekend. This session was a bit different from all the other portrait sessions that I've done so far because of the venue. Being in a very public place, it was a challenge to do the shoot without calling too much attention to ourselves. We also had to find spots where we could shoot without kids running us over. The shoot was very casual but I think we managed to capture really great photographs. I loved playing around with the colors and all the other elements in the playground, including the kids (and the moms).

Oh, by the way, Meng is a writer, which I think is a very cool job.

Below are some of the photos we took.

I love these next two shots of Meng because they show her playful side. I also love the color details in the photos.

It's a baby boy in there...

Unfortunately, Meng's husband wasn't able to join us during the shoot as he was out on a business trip. Good thing this little guy came along.


  1. I am one of Meng's many fans -- I like the way she carried herself as a pregnant woman. I saw her bloom into a full fledged tulip which awes me up until now, especially with how you have captured her colorful maternity.

    I like the B/W photos the most, preference going to the one where she's sitting on the floor under some steel structure.

    I'm excited for Meng and Keith... I'm excited, too, for my first inaanak.

    Good job, Ging!


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