Friday, June 05, 2009

No internet.

You may have noticed that I have been updating this blog as often as I can because I'm hoping to finish up all my backlog by end of this month. I was doing pretty well last week. But then, this week my internet connection at home went dead. So, no entries this week.

What's worse is I can't even do my emails! Right now, I am here at Pete's office where I have internet access until he finishes whatever it is he is doing.(It's been so long since I've set foot in an actual office building/manufacturing facility, that it just feels so alien to me being here.) I am trying to finish as many emails as I could. But if you're expecting one from me and you don't get one today, I may have just run out of time. Will try to log on again over the weekend. Or early next week. Please expect an email from me soon that would begin with "So sorry for the late reply." :D

Ok, gotta go!

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