Friday, February 19, 2010

Days of silence...

I know it's been quiet around here for over two weeks now. I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've just had a crazy (but exciting, nonetheless) two weeks and I'm still trying to catch my breath. Anyhow, the silence in this blog won't even compare to the kind of silence that I have had to deal with for the past five days. You see, I completely lost my voice last Monday. Funny thing is, I didn't even realize I couldn't talk until Pete came home Monday night and he called out to me from downstairs and I tried to call back. That was when I realized my vocal chords couldn't produce any sound. I could barely manage a whisper. We went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with laryngitis and acid reflux (O diba, sosy? Hehehe.) The doctor ordered complete voice rest. As in total silence. Not even a whisper. It's pretty easy to follow the doctor's advice during the day when I am completely alone in the house and I very rarely have to open my mouth (Yep, that was why I didn't realize I had no voice until Pete came home last Monday.) --oh, except a couple of times when my phone rang and I panicked because I couldn't possibly answer it and talk in whispers. But Pete says he misses my non-stop chattering as soon as he gets home or when we're driving in the car. Hehehe. Hey, after spending long hours alone during the day, I have to talk A LOT when I finally have someone to talk to.

Anyway, the craziness didn't even start there. February (and even the end of January) has been such a busy month for me. I've been doing a lot of portraits which I love. And I even went on an out-of-town shoot for a wonderful client (more on that next time). Things would have been perfect if my body just cooperated. I got sick as soon as I got back. And in the past week, I have gone to the doctor three times, each time hoping I would be given a pill that would make me well instantly. Unfortunately, all the doctors gave me were medicines to manage the symptoms, and they always tell me that what I really need to do is to rest. (And I honestly find it kinda annoying when they ask me what my job is, and when I tell them, they immediately assume that I only work on weekends and therefore I could get all the rest that I need.) I informed all the clients that would be affected and I am so glad they were all very understanding. But the truth is, I still worked whenever I can because it's not easy to escape from work when your office is right in the next room.  I think one of the few things I miss about being employed (aside from the bonuses, and the office chismis) is the sick days you can avail of.  When the nurse at the clinic asked me if I needed a medical certificate, I was almost tempted to ask for 10, so I can give each one of the clients that I'm currently working with. Hehehe.

I just read what I had written above, and I can't believe how disorganized my train of thought is today. Please forgive me, I am sick afterall. I have events to shoot this weekend though, so I'm praying hard that I get my voice back (at least partially) by tomorrow. Otherwise, I may have to use hand signals during portrait sessions. And that won't be cool. Also, I'm getting tired of drinking lukewarm water. I want some iced tea or hot coffee already!

I'm not sure if people even read what I write in this blog, but for those who come here just for the photos, here are a few from the sessions that I've been working on since I got sick.

Benedict and Karen's engagement session.

Christine's preggy portrait session.

Ria's boudoir portrait session.

Mican's pre-birthday portrait session.

And I still have a few more to work on.  So much for complete bed rest, right? :D


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  2. Hi ging! Kasama naba kami sa supposedly papasahan mo ng 10 med certs?!? Haha! Natawa ko dun :)) seriously naawa talaga ko sayo last sat although you had your voice back a little, i can still feel your still not 100% well. Nevertheless, super sipag mo pa din and you gave in to all of our requests...thanks a lot ging and hope to work with you again even if it means we need to change other suppliers just to squeeze in sa super busy mong sched just like on cali's birthday. Hehehe..excited na kami sa pix!!! :)

  3. Hi Leah!

    Hehehe. Hindi naman. I knew I would be able to shoot Cali's birthday. Worried lang ako na baka hindi pa bumalik yung voice ko and mag-hand-signals lang ako sa shoot natin. Thank you for understanding.:) Heto, medyo paos pa rin, pero hindi ko naman napapansin kasi wala naman akong kausap sa bahay buong araw. Hehehe.


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