Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Enzo: Baptism and 1st birthday party

December 6, 2009
Shrine of Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse

This was probably the longest kiddie event coverage I have ever had.  We started at the family residence in Manila at exactly 7AM to shoot the preparations.  Then we went all the way to the Shrine of Jesus in Pasay City for the 9:30AM baptismal ceremony.  And then after that, we drove all the way back to Valle Verde 6 in Q.C. for the party!  It was pretty exhausting, but when I looked at the photos, I could say that it was totally worth it.:)

I don't usually remember my first correspondence with a client (which is usually by phone or email), but for some reason, I still remember my first conversation with Mommy Joy on the phone. I was working at my usual table at Starbucks when she called. We talked about how the day of the event will go, considering how far the three venues are from each other. She was also concerned about the lighting at the Valle Verde 6, which is generally dark even during daytime.  I could tell that she wanted everything to be perfect.  And it was.

As soon as I entered Enzo's room, I was greeted with pretty little details to shoot. My camera had a feast!

I noticed that Enzo had a lot of framed studio photos in the room.  And when we started shooting, it was obvious how comfortable he is in front of the camera.

I loved the wall stickers!

Since it was a Sunday, there was minimal traffic so we got to the church early.  I took this photo while chatting with Thor who was also taking shots of the church.

Some shots during the baptismal ceremony.

I've shot at the Shrine of Jesus a few times before and I've always wanted to take photos by this window.

I took a couple of shots of Enzo at the Valle Verde 6 playground before he changed into his M&M's costume.

The colorful cake.

Just some of the details at the party venue (because there were a lot!).

Some shots of the family before the party started.  Enzo never complained about how uncomfortable his costume was. He wore it until the end of the party. I was impressed!

Funny man Tito Alex Lagula was the host/magician.

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  1. Super cute ng costume nya!!! :)
    and as always..awesome pix ging!


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