Monday, July 04, 2011

MY maternity photos!

This entry has been on my blog drafts for over 3 weeks. If you've been visiting this blog the past few months, you'll notice I've been putting up an average of one entry per month. Not because I don't have anything to post, but because ever since I got pregnant, my brain just refused to work most of the time.:P I was supposed to put this up before I gave birth but then there was a typhoon, and we had a power outage, and things got crazy because we realized we still had tons to do before the baby arrived. And before I got the chance to even turn on my computer again, I found myself at the hospital giving birth. Well, I wish my birthing story was that simple, but we're getting ahead of my story here...

So, maternity photos...

I have always loved taking maternity portraits. In fact, I started shooting beautiful mommies-to-be even before I shot my very first kiddie event. So, when I finally got pregnant, I knew I wanted to have my own maternity photos taken. There was only one problem. All the preggy ladies I have ever worked with seemed to have that pregnancy glow that people always talk about. I didn't. In fact, most people who saw me would immediately guess that my baby was a boy--which is just another way of saying that I didn't exactly look radiant.:P Even my dad once told me how I was "getting uglier by the day". And believe me, it sounds much worse when said in Waray!

Anyway, after thinking about it, I decided I was going to get my photos taken no matter what. I knew I wanted something to remind me of that time of life. Besides, I wanted to prove that anybody can get nice maternity shots--even me. So, I called up EJ Litiatco and asked her if she could help me out. If there was anybody who could make me look good, it was EJ. Of course, I asked my sister Pie and good friend Ces Kasilag to be my photographers. As a photographer, I had a pretty good picture of how I wanted my photos to look like, and I knew I could count on these girls to hear out my ideas.

We set the date of the photoshoot on May 26th which was also my 34th week of pregnancy and our 4th wedding anniversary! I've always wanted to have an anniversary pictorial with Pete but we kept putting it off. And since this was going to be our last anniversary before we welcome a third member of our family, I knew it was the right time to do it.

Anyway, here are just a few shots take by Pie. (I'm still waiting for the photos from Ces.)

We started with some casual shots at our living room.

Then we took the session outside.  This was one of my favorites.:)

Another favorite.

When Pete got home, we took a few more outdoor shots before it got too dark.

And then it was time for another outfit and makeup change. :)

Thanks again to EJ Litiatco, her brother Dondi, Ces Kasilag, and my sister Pie Lorenzo! :)


  1. Congratulations on the new baby! I love the photos. You look very happy.

  2. Congratulations on the baby!!! I love your photography style!


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