Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I have always been interested in doing portraits. I just never had the chance to do them with people other than my family and close friends. For a time, I've been asking some friends to pose for me, but our schedules just never seem to match up. JB was one of those people whom I asked for a portrait. He is a former coworker of mine in my former company. He's tall and has a well-built body...and I knew he would be up for anything! (He had an "artistic" nude self-portrait posted on his Friendster profile before! Hahaha.) I asked him months ago but at that time, we were both too busy (work for him and weddings for me) to actually do it. Last week, however, he resigned from his job and will be leaving for Singapore to work this weekend. Luckily, we both found a common schedule for the shoot.

Below are two of the photos we took.

Oh yeah, JB's girlfriend Maricel came along and we also did portraits of them. In fact, we ended up doing more shots of them as a couple. I'll post their couple shots in another entry.

By the way, notice how "wholesome" the two photos are. I was hoping we could do more artistic shots. Hehehe. But JB begged off saying he needed to lose a few pounds particularly around the belly. When I showed him some of the shots though, he told me he'd definitely want to do more daring shots next time!:D

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