Thursday, December 06, 2007

Toby Jarred: Baptism and Dedication

November 17, 2007
Baptism: St. Paul the Apostle Parish
Dedication and reception: Dencio's Capitol Hills

Toby is the cute little baby boy of my wedding make-up artist EJ Litiatco. EJ and her hubby Nohmer have decided to welcome their son into the Christian World in a celebration that brought together their respective religious backgrounds in one day.

EJ's family (including her parents, siblings, nephews, and nieces) LOVE to be photographed and I had a great time being their official photographer that day. They are such a cool bunch (especially EJ's mom.:D).

We started with a short family portrait session at their home (EJ's parents' home). When my sister and I arrived at their place, we were pleasantly surprised to see every one dressed and made up. I loved it. (I will be posting photos from that session in another entry.)

After the portrait session, every one changed into more casual outfits and we all trooped down to the church for the baptism.

And then we were off to Dencio's where the dedication was held.

Oh yeah, it was also Nohmer's birthday the day before, so this was actually also a belated birthday celebration for him.

Then came the yummy food, of course.:)

And then we took more pictures. Lots of them.

Here are Nohmer, EJ, and Toby with the tarp I designed for them.:D

Now you know where EJ gets her good looks.

EJ's whacky shot. Hehehe.

Toby's lovely cousins.

And finally, my favorite shot of Toby. (And believe me, I took tons of photos of him.) Look at those bright eyes!

More photos HERE!

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  1. Hi Ging! You did a wonderful job with the photos!!! We all love your shots!!!Thanks so much and more power to you!!!


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