Monday, December 03, 2007

Zach Owen

November 10, 2007
Barangay Pavillion, Parang, Marikina City

Bliss was a labmate at UP back in the old days, and she was also one of my sexy preggy models when I came up with some free maternity pictorials over a year ago. So, I guess I could say that was when I first met Zach. Almost a year later, I met him again, this time in person, when we did his pre-event photo shoot (which I haven't gotten around to posting yet). And then, about a month ago (I know, I've been a bit behind in updating this blog.) I went to take photos at his 1st birthday party. I always feel honored when clients come back to have me photograph another milestone in their child's life, and doing Zach's party was no different.

The party was held in Marikina, just a couple of blocks from Pete's parents' house. It was just a small gathering of Bliss and Jerry's family and friends, but everyone, even the adults seemed to enjoy the program a lot. And as always, I loved taking pictures of Jerry and Bliss, who, as I've mentioned before have very bright smiles always ready for the camera. And I think Zach may have just gotten this from them, too.

Check out the pictures below:

The theme of the party was Barney and I loved the little purple details including the little Barney stuffed toys which some of the guests were able to take home.

Before the guests started arriving, I asked Bliss if we could take some family portraits outside while the light was still perfect. I'm glad they agreed because even when we only had a few minutes to do it, we were able to get really nice shots. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Like I said, these guys have GREAT smiles!
The little girl in the middle is Zach's equally cute cousin Bhlue.:)

Zach enjoying the balloons when they came down after the party.

More photos HERE!

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