Friday, February 15, 2008

Joaqi and Pia: kiddie portraits

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!:)

Let me share something fun and cheery to brighten up this beautiful day even more. I've been asked a lot of times if I do kiddie portraits in a studio. I always say I like to shoot on location, not only because I don't have a studio yet but because these are the kind of portraits that I like to do. Shooting on locations (especially outdoors) is a bit more challenging because unlike in the studio, the light isn't always perfect. But I love it when I get to capture a child's unique personality at a certain point in his or her life. Kids grow and change so fast, and sometimes you just wish you could freeze that mischievous smile or naughty laugh and put it in a box. Why not put it in a frame instead?;)

Here are photos of Joaqi (yes, they removed the U) and Pia, who are Pete's 3-year-old nephew and 10-year-old niece, respectively, that we took in December.

As expected, Joaqi was being makulit as always and would not stay still for a second. The closest shot I got was when he was busy munching on his Krispy Kreme donut that Pete and I brought.
I love the messy hair. :)

I love these two shots because they are very very Joaqi!
Of course, Ate Pia was much easier to work with. Here she is with her purple Havaianas. This girl has more Havaianas than I have shoes! Ok, maybe not but you get the picture.:D
Photographing "against the light" isn't always bad.;)
And now a shot of the two cuties. This will probably be hanging on our wall very soon.

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