Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Patrick and Liway: Wedding

December 15, 2007
San Agustin Church
Casa Blanca

This was my first wedding for the hectic month of December and I was second-shooting for Kix. Patrick and Liway started working on their wedding more than a year and a half before the actual date. Even though they were not my direct clients, Liway introduced herself to me over Yahoo! Messenger, and lucky for me too because that was right around the time we were just starting on our own wedding preparations, and Liway was a great resource on some wedding suppliers and ideas.:)

Both Patrick and Liway were very emotional during the ceremony and even up to the reception program. They had waited for years (plus many many months of preparations) for this day to happen. And it was obvious in their faces how profoundly happy they were to finally be husband and wife.

Here are a few of my favorite shots.

One of my photography teachers once said that you could very rarely see a photo of a bride getting dressed up (which is a standard wedding photo in the US) here in the Philippines because male photographers are rarely allowed in the room. Being a lady, however, I am usually allowed to stay in the room during the actual dress-up (and oftentimes, I even end up assisting the bride into her gown), and I always ask permission if I could take some photos.

For me, several hands work together just to get the bride into her dress is always fascinating to watch, and makes for very interesting photos.

The lovely Liway before heading for the church.

The first dance. This one was my favorite shot for the day. I love it because it tells so much about how happy the couple was to be in each other's arms.

And now an inspiration board...

And more photos HERE!:)

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