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Ezekiel Joshua: Dedication and 1st birthday party

February 6, 2011
Le Pavillon

So, I let over two whole weeks go by again without updating this blog.  I'm running out of excuses, but between all the editing that I have to do and being a full-time mom to Paco, this blog has been taking the backseat lately. It's actually getting kinda embarrassing especially when I have to let wonderful clients like Mommy Elisa wait for over a year before featuring their parties on here.

Yes, EJ's party was over a year ago, but I can still remember walking into the venue and just being overwhelmed by how huge the place was! The next thing I noticed was the gigantic cake ensemble (more on that later)! And then there was the massive turnout of guests which really showed how well-loved this family is. And it's really not surprising because Daddy Jason and Mommy Elisa have such great big hearts!  Even as the guests kept pouring in, they made sure everyone, including the suppliers, were able to have lunch, even before they could sit down themselves to eat.  And after I got home from the party, Elisa didn't forget to thank me through text. I am always grateful for clients like them. They make me love my job even more than I already do.:)

Here are some of the photos from the day...

I loved the theme!

This humongous cake ensemble was the focal point of the party venue. This was lovingly made by EJ's aunt Susan dela Cruz who owns Bethany Dream Cakes. (Check out her site, the cakes look awesome!) I've seen and photographed a lot of big cakes before, but this one had exquisite details! I couldn't stop taking photos of it!

More details...

There was a short dedication ceremony before most of the guests arrived.

And then it was time to PARTY!

Bingo was the program host.

Jiggles the Balloon Lady was also there to make her colorful balloons. Look what she made for EJ!

It was my first time to watch Yoyo Master. And he really is a yoyo master! :D


Everyone wanted a piece of the cake!

When most of the guests had left, we were finally able to take a few family photos.

Look how cute EJ's costume is!

I also took a few shots of the entire family.  They were such a fun group! :)

Cake: Bethany Dream Cakes
Program host: Bingo
Entertainment: Jiggles the Balloon Lady, Yoyo Master
Foodcarts: Kiddie Party
Caterer: Hizons

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