Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Layah and I have been talking through text since early December, and yet we were only able to actually meet just a week before the baptism of her daughter, Laneisha. (Just a note: Layah's hubby is Laser. That makes them a family with pretty cool names.:)) And we realized we not only went to the same college in the same university, we also went to the same high school! Layah was a batch higher than me while Laser was a batchmate in college (He and Pete recognized each other by face...probably from ROTC.)

Anyway, this was another well-planned baptism. We even had a short preps pictorial at the Manila Penn. Yup, Eisha had her dress-up at a hotel!:D And I really loved the color theme that they chose. Instead of the usual pink, they went with pink and brown, with Layah and Laser wearing color-coordinated outfits for the baptism and the reception. It was really cute.:)

The baptism was held last January 21, at the Santuario de San Jose. Reception was at the Oasis Lounge. Below are some of the photos that I took:

Eisha's baptismal gown.

A family portrait before leaving for the church.

I love Eisha's expression here.:D

This was Eisha towards the end of the night.

And again, I have to acknowledge Pete for the following photos (and some other photos in the gallery). What can I say, I taught him well. Hehehe. Just kidding.:D

Please click here for the online gallery.

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