Friday, January 12, 2007

Nap and Hershey

Date: December 18, 2006
Preps: Edsa Shangrila Hotel
Ceremony and Reception: Oasis

Nap is the brother-in-law of Arlene who was the very first one to ever book me for a baptism (for her daughter Rea). So far, it's been wonderful working for this family.:)

FUN. That's how I would describe Nap and Hershey together. Even during our first meeting, we couldn't stop laughing. They're both very easy to talk to and always fun to be with. Theirs was the very first civil wedding I have ever photographed. Come to think of it, it was the very first civil wedding I have ever been to.:D But it wasn't just like any other civil wedding. It had all the elements of a well-planned intimate church wedding except that there was no priest and it wasn't held in a church. Yeah, it was bongga. But with Arlene helping them with the preps, who would have expected anything less?

Here are some of the photos from the wedding:

The rings.

Ok, I have to admit, I loved Hershey's shoes so much that I think I spent more time photographing it than any of the other wedding paraphernalia. Maybe even more than I spent on Hershey!:D
The beautiful bride.:)

Like I said, we had fun.:D

One of the few serious shots of the couple.

The lovely cake had HERSHEY'S Hugs and Kisses. Get it? Hehehe.:)

Romantic moment...I think.:D

Please click here for the online gallery.


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  2. Hello Ging, I'm Hershey's sister-in-law (Larracas side). Been waiting for these photos, thanks for posting finally hehe. Great shots! I've linked this post in my blogsite's Photos section ha, I hope you don't mind.

    And by the way, first time I saw your work was thru my good friend-kumare Jody Liwanag when you did her maternity shots. Keep up the great work and all the best to your hobby-business!

  3. hi che-ann!

    thanks for the comment! it really inspires me to work harder when i know my work is appreciated.

    thanks again!


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