Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Michael Earl

Eileen was one of the n@wies who asked about my baptismal packages in November. We were finally able to meet up about a week before the baptism of her baby. Pete and I photographed Baby Kyle's baptism last December 17 at the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish in Makati. We were also finally able to meet Matthew, Eileen's hubby who is currently based in Sydney. We were told he used to teach Physics in UP! Eek!:D But seriously, they were both very nice and it was great working for them.:)

Eileen was very particular about the shots of the invites, souvenirs, etc., which I didn't mind at all because I love taking photos of the little details.:)

Below are some of the photos from the baptism.

The little giveaways.
This baptismal gown is almost four decades old! It was first worn by Eileen's eldest brother. Still very pretty and immaculately white!
Eileen and her siblings.

A family portrait.

Michael Earl a.k.a. Kyle. Just two months old and yet you can already tell he'll be a heartthrob someday.:)

Please click here for more photos!

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