Thursday, April 12, 2007


March 24, 2007
Nuestra Senora de Guia Parish (Ermita Church)
City Garden Suites

All I can say is that Maegan was such a joy to photograph! I think she enjoyed being in front of the camera so much and it really showed on her face. She gave me a lot of really cute expressions that I couldn't resist doing this:

And check out this photo. It reminds me so much of the baby on the Gerber bottle.:D Look at those lovely eyelashes!

This was one of my favorite shots from her preps before the baptism ceremony.

And this was taken towards the end of the reception when Maegan was taking a nap. Even in her sleep, she still knows how to look good for the camera.;)

Oh yeah, I also took photos of other stuff, of course. Hehehe. You may check them out by clicking here.:D

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