Monday, November 19, 2007

Bryan and Eizelle's Engagement Photoshoot

Before I started on this entry, I actually had to check if I got the spelling of Eizelle's name right, because to me and to everyone who knew her from college, she is simply ICE. Yes, I've known Ice from UP Eng'g where we were both members of the now defunct (Huhuhu...) UP Computer Society (I just realized this is probably making me sound like I was a nerd in my past life.:D). She and Bryan also met at UP CompSoc when Bryan joined the org a couple of years after Ice. From what I've heard, these two became very very close friends for years before they finally became a couple. And now they are engaged to be married in December!

We did the pictorial at UP three weeks ago. It was a very challenging shoot because the weather was not cooperating. It probably rained five times during the entire time we were there! We had a lot of fun though because we had an entire troop with us for the shoot. I had Pete to assist me, and then my good friend Lyra (who has also been Ice's best friend since college) and her hubby Manuel were also there to help out (Lyra's brother was also there at one point). And of course, Bim and Chester of Playback were there shoot the session for an AVP they will be doing for the wedding. It was a pretty long session because we had to stop several times because of the rain. I think we took pretty good shots though. And Bry and Ice took us all to dinner at the famous Mang Jimmy's afterwards, so it was all worth it.:D

Here are some of my favorite shots:

As I said, we got rained out a few times. It wasn't so bad though since it helped us come up with photos like these.

A couple of "damuhan" shots.:D I do love the contrast between the blue of their outfits and the grass though.

It won't be an engagement pictorial without shots like these next two. Oh yeah, the wedding will have a Filipiniana theme so Ice and Bryan changed into these costumes towards the end of the shoot.

This started out as a simple ring shot, but we couldn't resist including the taho. And check out Bryan's marked finger (it was the day of the barangay elections).

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