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November 3, 2007
Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse

When I post pictures in my online gallery of events that I cover, I don't just post all the "best" shots. I try to give the viewer a feel of what happened at the party, and leave them just curious enough to want to see more. I try to tell a story in only 25 photos (50 for weddings). However, this wasn't easy at all in the case of Bianca's birthday party. This was the third time that I've worked with Jody (first time was when we did her preggy shots, second time was during Bianca's baptism and Margaux's 2nd birthday party) and as always, it showed how she has perfected the skill of organizing a great party! Jody and I didn't get to meet up anymore before the party. The night before, when we were texting, all she said was to make sure I take shots of ALL the details. She repeated this to Pete during the party--to make sure I take pictures of the details, "as in LAHAT!" Unfortunately, this put Pete's slight case of OCD into high gear, and he proceeded to go around and make a list (as in on his phone!) of all the details he could see and then he followed me around to make sure I take pictures of everything! Hehe. I love taking pictures of details though, so it was fun.:)

The theme of the party was Disneyland, and this was obvious from the moment we stepped out of our car and saw the big sign welcoming every one to "Biancaland", which was written in the Disney font. Inside, the whole clubhouse was swarming in activities...and this was even before the guests arrived! There were food booths, game booths, photo booths...the stage set-up, the cake...all Disney! There were even fireworks just before the party ended! And I loved how the whole family (Daddy Dicky, Mommy Jody, Margaux, and Bianca) came in perfectly matching pink-and-brown outfits.

Ok, trying to sum up the event in a single entry would be impossible so, I'll just post a few pictures...not that they would be enough to sum up the party, either.:D

The venue, just when guests were starting to arrive.

A couple of the Disney signs that were posted all over the clubhouse.

The "loot-bags" were cute yellow pails filled with goodies.

And here's the birthday family with Ate Margaux helping out Bianca with the birthday candle.

Finally, a couple of shots of the beautiful girls.:)

Go HERE for some more photos!

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