Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gavin Biel

October 28, 2007
St. Jerome Emiliani Parish
The Palms Country Club

After being postponed a couple of times (because of schedule conflicts), my meeting with Gigi and Vincent finally pushed through about two of weeks before Gavin's baptism. They turned out to be very nice people and very easy to work with. The baptism (and reception) itself was a very relaxed event with only a few of the couple's family and friends. I also found out that they will be moving out of the country very soon so this could be one of their last chances to have a family celebration with their loved ones before they do. No wonder they made it a point to make it extra special.

I've shot a wedding at St. Jerome before and exactly a year and a half later, I went back to shoot my first baptism there. I'm very familiar with the church as we always pass by it whenever we go to Alabang Town Center, and I love the Spanish-inspired structure. My sister said the same thing when she saw it for the first time during Gavin's baptism.

The Palms Country Club is a popular wedding reception venue. It has a grand exterior and lovely interiors. Very swanky. The food was great too!;)

Here are a few shots from the event:

St. Jerome Emiliani (side of the church). My sister Pie said you'd almost expect Zorro's silhouette to appear at the rooftop any minute.

Gavin enjoying the company of one of his dad's friends.:D

This is Gavin's girlfriend.;)

And finally, a family photo before heading home.

For more photos click HERE!

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