Monday, October 17, 2011

Rafa: 1st birthday party

October 9, 2010
Big Red Barn, Fun Ranch

Party theme: Transformers
Party decorations: Polkadots (c/o Jhoanne Alon)

This party was over a year ago, but I remember that the weather that day was very similar to how it has been these past few days--it was cloudy and dark (and at some point during the day, rainy) and humid.  But that didn't stop everyone from enjoying Rafa's party.  The birthday family are based abroad but they wanted to celebrate with family and friends and I was honored to be able to capture their memories of this special event for them.

When I was taking photos of Rafa's outfit, one of the guests commented, "Parang kasal ah."  I just smiled and told them I have to take pictures of all the details that Mommy Anne painstakingly prepared for Rafa.  And there were a lot of cool details! I loved it!

Oh yeah, and it was great working with one of my good friends Jhoanne of Polkadots who did a great job with the decorations as always. :)

I loved the theme!

We took a few family shots before the party started.

It had just stopped raining when we went outside and it was hot and humid so we didn't stay out too long.

The birthday boy.

The kids.

Host/magician Aldino making the party fun and exciting for all the kids and adults.

The candle-blowing.

It was already dark when we went outside again to take a few more shots after and most of the guests had left.

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