Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Robyn: Baptism

October 30, 2010
San Agustin Church
Ibarra's Garden

Daddy Don was a batchmate of mine from high school.  We were never in the same classes and we hung out with different friends--in fact, I don't think we ever spoke a word to each other back then.  Hehehe.  But I'm so glad that he thought of me when they were looking for a photographer for Baby Robyn's baptism.:)

We started at the hotel where we took photos of the details and shot some portraits.  Here's Robyn still not in the mood for photos, but looking so cute nonetheless.

Lovely details for a very special event.

Cute socks!

A couple of shots of the beautiful family.

It was also great meeting Don's wife Cez.  She's so friendly and she seemed so relaxed and always had a smile on her face during the entire event.  Clients like her make my job so much easier. ;)

I love this one.

How cute is Robyn!

Some shots of the baptismal ceremony.

Then we headed off to the reception venue for the lunch party.  I've shot a wedding here a few years ago.  It's such a beautiful venue for intimate gatherings.

Robyn spent a good part of the day sleeping...

I always tell clients that babies photograph well even when they're asleep and Robyn was no exception.

Of course, we also had to take more photos of her when she woke up.


  1. Hehe, I remember making the same comment to Cez back then -- that you and I probably didn't speak a word to each other back in high school. 15 years later...well, that fact didn't stop me from getting a great photographer to document such an important event for out family. Lovely work, Ging, and many thanks! Until next time! :)

  2. Hi ging! I love all the photos!!! i can't believe its been almost two years. Thank you very much for beautifully capturing this special day for our dear Robyn :)

  3. Hi ging! got so excited with your blog,i said two years instead of one...hehe:)

  4. Hi Don and Cez! Thanks for dropping by. I really enjoyed working with you guys. Sayang lang I wasn't there for Robyn's birthday party. Looking forward to working with you guys again! :)


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