Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sofia: portrait session

I did Sofia's portrait session one sunny afternoon in February. It was one of those portrait sessions where everything seemed to just be working right for me. First of all, Mommy Mel and Daddy Pao were so nice to work with. They understood my style and trusted me, and that really made my job so much easier .:)

We started the shoot at Daddy Pao's parents' house when it was still too hot to go outside. This is the house where Sofia usually stays over whenever Mom and Dad go to work. I usually avoid shooting indoors especially when there is limited natural light coming in, but when I learned that Sofia's grandpa is an artist, I knew I wanted to use his studio for the photos! Here are few shots of Sofia in her grandpa's mini studio. I love the photos of her on her grandpa's work table with all the paint brushes and even a color palette in the background.:)

We took a few shots in the living room.  These are not the kind of shots that I usually do but I loved the contrast between Sofia's colorful dress, the painting in the background, and the neutral color of the chair. 

When we felt it was already safe to go outside,  we went to the village park to do some outdoor shots which I always love to do.:)

Sofia was such a darling! I could have photographed her all day!

I've learned that letting the subject wear darker colors work great when you're photographing in the bright sun. That's why I loved this dark gray dress that Sofia wore during the shoot. 

A couple of shots with Mommy and Daddy.:)

A few more shots before we headed back to the house.

The sun was almost setting when we got back inside. We took a few more shots of Sofia before she got too tired to pose for me.;)

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