Friday, July 20, 2012

Matthew: 1st birthday party

December 4, 2011
Party theme: Dr. Seuss

The day didn't exactly start out smoothly. It had been raining the entire morning, so we were worried about getting stuck in traffic going to the venue. Also, rain usually means I don't get to take outdoor photos of the birthday family, so it was kinda bumming me out. Oh, and Paco had just recently decided he wasn't going to take the bottle anymore so Pete had to wait with him in the car while I worked, and I had to go out (in the heavy rain) during breaks just to feed him. So, yeah. Things weren't exactly going well that day for me...

But, as soon as I entered the venue, all my worries disappeared. Matthew's party turned out of be one of my favorite parties last year! I always love it when I get the chance to shoot parties with unique themes. And the details! J'adore! :) Mommy Ria really did a fabulous job planning Matthew's party!

Mommy Ria and Daddy Allan made the cute invites themselves.:)

Venue set-up by Party Station--and what beautiful decor they had!

I just loved the table centerpieces featuring titles of Dr. Seuss books.

But you know what I really really really loved in Matthew's party? The cakes! Yes, there were two of them. Here's a photo of one.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?;)

Little cuppies with green hams and eggs, and hats, and blue fish as toppers. How cute!

And check out this dessert buffet. Yum!

Party favors and prizes.

Flooch was host and as usual, he was a hit with the guests.

Here's the cute birthday boy with Mommy.


Oh yeah. It was still dark and rainy after the party. But we found a nice spot at the cafe at the back of the venue where we were able to take nice family photos.:)

How cute are their outfits?

Yep. It was a great day after all.;)

Caterer/Venue: Oceana - MOA
Party planner/coordinator: Party Station
Party decorator: Party Station
Cake/cupcakes: BecauseILoveCakes
Host/Other entertainment/performers: c/o Party Station (Flooch)
Outfits: Dr. Seuss' Thing 1
Candy buffet: Sweet Royals
Invitations and Favors: DIY by Mommy Ria and Daddy Allan


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