Sunday, July 08, 2012

The Sirilans: family portrait session

Weekends are usually spent with family. In my case, however, I have to work during weekends and take photos of other families spending time together. I love my job though, and I'm not complaining or anything. But it's still nice to be able to take some weekends off and spend time with MY own family for a change. That was what we were supposed to do this weekend. However, Paco has been sick the entire week, so we decided to just stay home. (He's doing better now, fortunately.). Oh, and I also have to catch up on some work because I was too busy taking care of the sick baby to get some real work done the past few days. But in the spirit of weekends, I want to share some photos I recently took of my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew.

My sister Mae and her family are now based in Davao, so we rarely get to see them any more. I have been wanting to take their family photos for months, but we never got around to doing their portrait session until they flew in two of weeks ago just to attend Paco's 1st birthday party. We had a very short portrait session just a couple of hours after the party ended. I was exhausted, but I jumped at the chance to take photos of them. Here are my favorite shots from that mini portrait session:

We started right in front of our house. There's this spot that has awesome light in the afternoon. And I think the blue house in the background actually looks nice.:)

Oh yeah, the reason why these first two shots only have my sister and my brother-in-law in them is because my nephew Liam was doing what most kids (especially boys) his age do when they see a camera. They run away from it.:P

We finally convinced Liam to join his mum and dad for some photos. Here are the shots where he wasn't rolling his eyes or making silly faces.:)

I love this.:) It reminds me of one of my favorite shots from their portrait session that we did over three years ago.

We decided to drive over to another spot inside the village. I managed to snap these just before we got into the cars.

This spot might look familiar because this was the same place where we did Paco's cake smash session. It's the viewing deck in our village.

ONe of my favorite shots of Liam. He looks so grown up here! I started taking photos professional around the same time he was born. So, I guess my photography career is just about this big.:)

We walked over to the playground and took some more shots there.

My sister Mae wants some photos she could use for Liam's coming 6th birthday celebration. This one gets my vote.

A few more family shots and then we were done.:)

I took a few shots of Mae on the way back up to the viewing deck.;)

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