Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Egay: Maternity portraits

Baby Sam, who is Paco's cousin, just turned 5 months old a few days ago, but earlier this year, I first photographed her when she was still in Mommy Egay's tummy.:)

Egay (aka Niña to her family) is Pete's little sister, and has been one of my favorite models from the time I was still studying photography. She is probably my most photographed person, next to Paco.:) I usually ask her to model for me whenever I want to try something out or when I just want to practice. I've done her headshots a couple of times, did a fashion shoot with her, and even did a boudoir session with her! When I learned that she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to do her preggy shots as well.;)

Niña (sorry, I feel weird calling her Egay.:D) was a few weeks away from giving birth to Sam when we did this portrait session last January.  This was probably the shortest portrait session I have ever done. We were finished in about 30 minutes! We originally agreed to meet up at UP Diliman at around 3:30PM. But because she and hubby JC were coming from a pre-natal check-up, while Pete and I were coming all the way from Cavite, we knew none of us would make it on time. We rescheduled for 4:30PM. And then we got stuck in one of the worst traffic I have ever experienced in a long time (Ok, maybe not. I'm just not used to Metro Manila traffic anymore, since I've been living in the suburbs for years.) and I was worried we would lose the light before we got UP. We probably got there just after 5PM, and the light was perfect! We got to work at once, and we got really great shots!:)

As soon as we parked and said our quick hellos, I quickly searched for the best light. I asked Niña to stand in a spot and started shooting right away. This was one of the very first test shots I took. Framing is so-so, and the building in the background is distracting, but I really love the light. And doesn't Niña look amazing?

Same spot, just a slightly different angle. Couple of shots of the proud parents-to-be.

They brought a few props. This was part of the Christmas gift set Pete and I gave to Niña last year.:)

One of my favorites.

This was part of the decorations during the baby shower Niña's officemates threw for her.

Of course, Baby Sam had to make an appearance in some of the photos.:)

Love this.:)


Yep, Niña is one of those lucky ladies who look really good when pregnant. And Daddy JC isn't looking too bad either.;)

As I said, the onesie was part of a set.;)

Last shots just as we were heading back to our cars.

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