Saturday, August 25, 2007

June events

June 16, 2007
Chateau Elysee Clubhouse

Pia is one energetic one-year-old. She never seemed to be able to stand still so it wasn't easy taking pictures of her. I thought she was so cute though and she kept wanting to look at her pictures on my camera. She also kept talking to me in her alien one-year-old language which I find very very cute and funny, so I still had fun photographing her.:)

One fleeting moment when Pia was sitting still in one spot.:D

One of my most favorite among my kiddie photos so far. This reminds me of those Kodak moment pictures.
Lovely cake. Love the colors!

P.S. Pia's mom is named SMILE. Yes, I love her name! After she booked me, I started telling everyone that I have a client named Smile. Hehehe. She's very nice, by the way--really lives up to her name.:)

HERE are more photos from Pia's party.

June 23, 2007
Jollibee Ortigas-Roosevelt

Nympha is another overseas-based client (Dubai). She left the country when her little girl was less than two years old so she was determined to give Asha a nice party for her third birthday. Nympha and I corresponded through email and text until she came home a few days before the party. We met up at Megamall and I immediately found her to be very nice and sweet.

Asha is a pretty little girl. It was a bit of a challenge to do her portraits though as she wasn't in the mood to pose for pictures most of the time, which is very typical of kids her age, I think. (Pete's nephew is also three and he's usually not in the mood for anything. Hehehe.) We still managed to get very nice pictures of her in her beautiful dress though.:)

Lovely detail on Asha's dress.

Mommy Nympha and Asha. Both very pretty.:)

When Nympha and I were talking about where to do portraits at the house, she was worried that they didn't have a nice background. When I saw this old couch though, I knew it was going to be the perfect spot!

I was actually taking pictures of Asha having her face painted (background) when this shot came into frame.:D

Please click HERE for more pictures from Asha's party.

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