Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moonlighting as a magazine photographer...

The first time I ever had my photos published was when I took pictures of designers Frederick Peralta and Kate Torralba for a stuffed toy company's promo summer of last year. My photos were published on the lifestyle section of the major newspapers. Although my name was never mentioned, I was still thrilled just to see a couple of my photos in print.

In February, Lyra asked me to be her photographer for an article she was doing for Masigasig, which is a special publication magazine that goes with every issue of Entrepreneur. The article came out in the May 2007 issue of the magazine. Of course, by then I was too busy to write about it here. I did get the kick out of seeing my photos and my name in a real magazine! Here is a copy of that article. (Grabbed this from Lyra's Multiply).

(I know, the pictures are smaller than my name!:D)

Then, late in June, Lyra and I, together with another writer Ruth, went on an overnight trip to Cebu for Masigasig. They did interviews and I took the photos. It was a very tiring but fun 2-day trip.

Here we are at our hotel room:

One of our interviewees was Kenneth "He-who-makes-Brad-Pitt's-furniture" Cobonpue. That's him between Lyra and me.

And here I am on one of Cobonpue's famous (and beautiful!) pieces. Photo taken by Lyra.:)

Oh yeah, two of the articles we did came out in this month's issue of Masigasig. I don't think Lyra (who is the editorial assistant for Masigasig) or the people at Summit would be thrilled if I posted photos of the whole articles so if you can, just buy a copy (Entrepreneur (and Masigasig, of course.:)) is a really good magazine. Pete and I have been buying a copy every month for over two years now) or makisilip kayo sa friends nyo na meron.:D But here are a couple of shots of my name on the articles. Hehehe. So far, I've done a couple more shoots for articles which will be coming out in the next issues. Oh, and Kix has some photos in the magazine as well.:)

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