Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Luis Antonio's photoshoot

Those who have asked for my updated kiddie party or baptismal packages may have noticed that I offer a super-duper-over-to-the-max cheap pre-event pictorial to go along with any of the packages. My personal reasons for this are: 1. I want to build my kiddie portrait portfolio and 2. I want to be able to meet the baby and have him or her become familiar with me and the camera before the event itself. On the other hand, the parents can always use the photos for the invites (if the shoot is scheduled way before the event), banners, or standees.

The first one to avail of this offer was Nalyn for her son Luis. Nalyn booked me for Luis' dedication last July and 1st birthday this September so I told her I would do the pictorial for free. (Yes, I can be very generous to loyal clients.:D) We did the pictorial last June 24 at a playroom in Robinson's Galleria (Sorry, I can't remember the name). For the first 20 minutes or so, Luis was not in the mood. He was in a very unfamiliar place with a strange lady pointing a large black object in his face. So, I backed off and did a few shots from a few feet away (just to get him used to the sound of camera and the flash) while Nalyn tried to play with him. After a little while, I was already shooting only about two feet away and he already seemed comfortable. Before long, Luis was interacting with me and was smiling for the camera. Before the end of the session, he actually reached out for me to carry him. It was so cute!:)

Here are my favorite photos from the pictorial:

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