Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Liam turns 1!

After Gelo and Lota's wedding reception, I went straight home, packed my bags and headed for the airport to catch my 4AM flight to Davao. Yep, no time to get some shut-eye or even to take a shower. Hee. I got to the hotel in Davao where the rest of the family already were (I was traveling with my brother, the rest had flown in the previous day.) at around 7AM. I took a much-needed three-hour nap, took a shower when I woke up, and then I was all ready to go to my next party.

It was my nephew Liam's first birthday on the 4th of August, but I asked my sister to hold the party the next day instead so I can attend.:D (And for that, I volunteered to make the invitations and the tarpaulin for free. Hehehe.) We all trooped down to Gerry's Grill at the Gaisano Mall for the lunch party. It was more of a gathering of friends and family rather than a kiddie party, although there were balloons and loot-bags. You wouldn't see them here, but I was in a lot of the photos from the party because half of the time, I handed my camera to my little sister so I can enjoy the food and the company of my family and my little nephew of course.:)

Here are some of the photos I took:

Pogi no?;)

I love it when my camera captures this kind of laughter.:)

The birthday family.

And HERE are some more photos that I took.:D

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