Thursday, September 20, 2007

Angelo and Carlota

August 4, 2007
Preps: Astoria Plaza
Ceremony: Nuestra Senora de Gracia
Reception: PSE Auditoriom

Like I said before, Lota has been a very good friend of mine since college and Gelo has also been a good friend for years now so it was a great honor for me to be asked to photograph their wedding. I would have loved to sit back and enjoy the event just like every one of their guests but I'm also glad I got the chance to capture the most precious moments in the lives of two of my most special friends. These two have spent most of their three-year relationship apart and I really admire them for being strong despite the distance. All throughout the day (and even before) you could just feel how very very happy they were to finally be together. And you could tell their family and friends were just as happy for them.

Here are a few of the photos from the wedding.

That little guy is Lota's nephew. If you look through the rest of the photos, you'll see how he loves the camera.:)

The lovely bride in her gorgeous Veluz Gown.
The walk...
I love the expression on Bishop Bacani's face.:D
You know how everyone is into photo textures these days? Well, this one naturally had "texture" because of the wet walls of the church facade. I think it looks nice.:)
Lota helped me a lot during my wedding preps and I wanted to give something back so I volunteered to make their table numbers using the photos from the prenup photo session we did. I think the guests loved them and every single one was gone at the end of the reception.
The happy couple.:)
By the way, Kix Tavora was also there to photograph the wedding. And of course, Pete was there to help out as well.:D

HERE are more photos from Gelo and Lota's wedding!

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