Monday, March 10, 2008

The Dioceras: Family portrait session

Happy Monday!

I wanna start this week with a family portrait session I did a couple of weeks ago.

Pete and I realized we were definitely not in college anymore when we started having "couple friends" (i.e. married couples with whom you do lunches, and whose kids become your inaanaks.) and Ronald and Richel definitely fall under that category. Ronald is a former co-worker of both Pete and me. And their youngest Jolo is actually my godchild. We've been wanting to do this session for months and we finally had the opportunity to do it about a week before Ronald was due to leave for Australia.

We did the pictorial by the Manila Bay area fronting the Manila Yacht Club. I was a bit worried because it was starting to rain when Pete and I left Q.C. Fortunately, the weather was still nice when we got to Manila. And I think we got pretty good images.

First off, a couple of warm-up shots.

I find this photo really funny because the kids don't look very happy about me pointing a big lens at them from across the street.:D

Chibi and Jolo were a bit shy in front of the camera so we decided to let the whole family watch some people fishing by the bay while I shot a few candids. These images turned out to be some of my favorites from the session.

I love this photo because it has FAMILY written all over it.:)
These guys love their CROCS.

Finally, a "formal" family portrait.
A little bit closer.
Cute shots of Nanay and Chibi.

Last look from Jolo.
To Tatay Ronald, Nanay Richel, Chibi, and Jolo, thank you guys for letting me and Pete shoot with you (and for lunch!:D). We definitely had a great time!

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