Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just dropping by to say Hi...

I woke up this morning to find a text message from a "regular visitor" on this blog (HI MARION!!!:D) reminding me that I haven't posted anything in two weeks. My initial reaction was to smile because it felt nice to know that there are actually people who read this blog often enough to miss my postings. And then I suddenly went into panic when I realized that, Holy Cow! Has it really been two weeks???

I don't like making excuses, but I really truly have been terribly busy the past few weeks. I usually spend Sunday nights or Monday mornings trying to figure out how on earth I will be able to finish everything on my to-do list in the next 5 days. If life is a marathon, I feel as if mine has been in a constant state of SPRINT lately. It's been a mad dash for the finish line after another. And you have no idea how ironic that analogy sounds considering I literally have bad feet that walking alone can sometimes be a chore for me.

So, yeah, there is my excuse. Regular programming will resume when I get the chance to catch my breath.:D

And as always, to keep this entry just a little less boring, here is a sneak preview of a wedding I photographed about a week ago.:)


  1. aww ging :) i love this pic!! i can feel how excited and giddy the bride is!

  2. oh my ging! this has got to be the most beautiful snapshot of a wedding pic i saw. winner sis! :) love it!


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