Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reich: 1st birthday party

October 25, 2008
Corinthian Gardens Clubhouse

A few of my clients from the last quarter of 2008 have been asking me when I would be posting their events. Since I have posted my last kiddie event for January, please allow me to back-track for a bit.

I was booked for Reich's birthday party by Apple of Yanple. I was a bit nervous about meeting the client for the first time during the event itself, but Dorothy turned out to be very nice. It was also great getting to work with some of the suppliers that I have had the chance to work with several times before, like John Aguas' video team, and Kuya Alex, the host/magician.

Here are some of the shots from that day.

We started the shoot at the family home.

This little guy probably owns more footwear than I do.:D

Another shot of Reich getting comfortable in front of the cameras.

The party had an "under-the-sea" theme. Here are some shots of the colorful venue decorations.

Yep, they had fishbowls with live fish as centerpieces.:D

Kuya Alex during the games.

We were able to take a few shots of the family after the party.

And HERE are more photos from Reich's party!:)

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  1. hi ging! oo nga makikisali ako sa mga clients mo who bug you when you'll be blogging about their events LOL :)


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