Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ottoy and Jonyx: Wedding

July 4, 2009
St. Pancratius Church (Paco Church)
G Hotel

They met through mutual friends when Jonyx was studying for her master's degree and Ottoy was doing his undergraduate studies at the UPLB. After many years of being good friends, they fell in love and knew they wanted to always be together. Ottoy got a job in Sydney a few years ago, and Jonyx joined him just a couple of months after. Early this year, Ottoy and Jonyx got engaged. They decided they wanted to celebrate their love in an intimate wedding here at home with only about 50 of their closest friends and families.

Planning even a small wedding is never easy. But planning a wedding for only about 6 months and doing it from abroad is even more difficult. Fortunately, Ottoy and Jonyx had a lot of help. Even on the wedding day itself, you could see how everyone seemed to come together to make the day go as smoothly as possible. Friends and families acted as wedding coordinators, bridal car chauffeur, and even event stylists. Everyone had on their formal dresses and suits, but the atmosphere was so relaxed. And after the reception program, most of the guests stayed to keep the celebration going.

Ottoy and Jonyx...thank you so much for reminding me how much I love weddings--not just photographing them, but being a part of them. Yours was so lovely and I know you both deserved it. Have a safe trip back to Sydney. And enjoy your days together for the rest of your lives!:)

Here are some of my favorites from the wedding:

The lovely dress...

The beautiful shoes!

And the gorgeous bride...:)

Jonyx is so easy to photograph. We took tons of photos of her.

Ces and Pie went to Ottoy's hotel room to take photos while I stayed with Jonyx. However, I dropped in for a few minutes to take a few shots myself.

I love these candid shots I took while the videographer was posing Jonyx.

More photos before heading out of the hotel room.

The G Hotel has such a beautiful lobby. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to take photos there. We were able to take this shot just as we were all walking out of the lobby.

Right by the hotel's entrance.

I was taking shots outside the church when these cute girls posed for me.

I love taking photos of the bride just before she walks into the church. This is her last few moments as a single lady.:D

From the moment we arrived at the hotel, Ottoy was on top of everything--giving directions, checking up on things, even commenting on Jonyx's hairstyle. (Hehehe.) But as soon as he saw his lovely bride walk down the aisle, he totally lost it. Here is a funny but sweet photo as Jonyx waited for Ottoy to pull himself together and take her hand.

Mr. and Mrs...

As I said, there were only about 50 people on the guestlist so we were actually able to take a group shot of everyone outside the church.

And then it was time for the portraits. It was my first time to shoot at the Paco church and I instantly fell in love. It was stunning!

Before we continued with the couple's portraits, Ottoy wanted photos with his groomsmen.

They are such a lovely couple, aren't they?

The dashing groom. Naks!

These next photos just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The light was perfect! And I had the perfect couple to photograph too!:)

I love the cute expression here.:D

And then we took more photos by the Manila Bay, just across the hotel.

When we were waiting to cross the very busy Roxas Blvd., Jonyx looked my way and gave me this big beautiful smile.

The wedding cake.

The charming set-up at the reception. Yep, that's my very own place card at the lower left.:D

They had beautiful music for the night. (Oh yeah, they also booked the band through one of their relatives.)

My favorite parts to photograph during the reception are the first dances. They're usually very emotional. These are are two of my favorite shots from the day.


  1. Lovely blog -perfect shots, perfect story. Ging (pie and ces), thanks for sharing us your talent, it's a gift! looking forward to the complete set of pictures and album!

  2. Hi Ottoy and Jonyx! We really enjoyed working with you guys.:) Hope you enjoy the photos!


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