Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Joseph&Christine + Dana

I've been doing quite a number of family portrait sessions the past few weeks. This was one of the first ones I did at the start of November. I photographed Dana's 1st birthday party a year ago (it's one of those events that I haven't been able to post yet.:D), and last weekend was her 2nd birthday party. Unfortunately, I wasn't available to shoot her party this year.:( But I'm glad I was able to meet up with the family again for this short session. Oh, and there's a new member coming soon, and I can't wait to see the little one in a few months.:)

Dana is such a lovely little angel. But don't let her innocent little face deceive you. She is sooo full of energy that we couldn't get her to stay in one spot during the first half of the session. She enjoyed walking and running around that we could barely keep up with her. I didn't really mind because it's when kids are having fun that great shots happen.:)

Here are a couple of the first few shots from the session. The family wore shades of purple, and Dana's dress was just so pretty!

We tried taking family photos early in the session but we were only able to get a few shots in before Dana wanted to go exploring again. At least we got some beautiful shots.:)

Another family shot.

And there she goes...

Finally, Dana got tired and had to take a little break. I took that chance to take close-up shots of her.  She's so pretty, isn't she?

Love her cute expressions here.

Cute little feet.:D

To get her to stay on the bench, I actually asked her yaya not to put on her shoes yet so she wouldn't try to get down. Heheheh.

She was only wearing her socks.:)

One of my favorites.:)

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