Friday, November 11, 2011

Isabelle: 1st birthday party

November 13, 2010
Amici Restaurant

Host/magician: Wizzo

Isabelle's birthday party fell on Pete's birthday, so when Mommy Kate asked me if I was available to photograph it, I initially said no.  But you see, Pete, Mommy Kate, and I were orgmates in college, so when I asked him if I should accept the booking, Pete said yes. :)

For some reason, traffic that day was terrible, so the birthday family got to the venue late.  That didn't stop everyone from enjoying the party though.  Isabelle (or Bea, as she is lovingly called by her family), Mommy Kate, and Daddy Carlo are based abroad, but they chose to come home to celebrate Bea's special day with their loved ones.  And I was honored to be chosen to capture their smiles with my camera.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the party:

Mickey and his friends always make cute party decorations.

The colorful cake, cupcakes and customized chocolate bars. Yum!

 The cute party giveaways for the kids!


When the birthday family arrived, we went out for a bit for some family photos.  There wasn't any nice spots to take photos around the venue, but we found this covered walkway at the back.  We did what we could do with what we had, and we got nice photos out of it.:)

A closeup of the family.

How cute is Bea? :)

And of course, there was the parking lot. :) As I said, I like to shoot in parking lots if the is great!

A couple more shots before Bea decided she's had enough. :D

So, it was back to the party.

Wizzo and his amazing magic show.

The kids (and adults) watched in awe.

There were also games for the kids.

Some of the guests at the buffet.

Bea and Daddy.

Bea and Mommy.

Candle-blowing. (Photo by Pie.)

When most of the guests left, I asked to borrow Bea's pretty red shoes so I could take shots of it.

One last shot of the family before heading for home. (Photo by Pie.)

For this event, I asked my sister Pie to shoot with me because I was already a few weeks pregnant. Thanks also to my brother Beau who was there to assist us. (Yes, I have the least interesting name among my siblings.:P)

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