Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wedding at Dawn

Last Saturday, I shot a wedding that started at 5AM! Yep, five o'clock in the morning. So, given that photographers have to be where the bride would be doing her preps about four hours before the start of the ceremony, we were there at around 1AM. The ceremony was at the St. Francis Chapel (at the Fernwood compound), and the reception at the Fernwood Gardens. Kix Tavora was the main photographer and it was quite an experience for us (and the crew). Below are some of the photos from the wedding. I will be posting another entry when I finish uploading an entire album for this wedding at my Zoto Gallery. (I still have a few others to upload before I can work on this.:D)

This is Juzy, the bride, still in her pajamas, calling to know if people were already awake.

During the early part of the mass, I noticed Juzy looking up a few times, and it almost seemed like she was talking to someone. During the reception, she told everyone how she felt so grateful that people actually dragged themselves out of bed at such an ungodly hour just to get to their wedding (yes, the church was almost full even before the start of the march) that she just had to look up and thank God for everyone who loves them that much.

During the clean-up. At around 10AM, almost all the guests had left and we were all exhausted. However, we stayed for two-and-a-half hours more.

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